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Craig Mosman


About Craig Mosman

Craig Mosman is the Vice President of Business Development at Seek Labs, a biotechnology firm with offices in the United States, and contract labs in  Italy and Vietnam. He also serves as the President of Kirkland Biosciences. Craig’s mission is to invest in early-stage biotechnology firms that align with his goal of creating portable, fast diagnostics for point-of-care testing.


Idaho professional Craig Mosman was immensely affected by inequalities observed during his travels through developing countries, most notably concerning healthcare and testing facilities. Unlike in the US and other developed nations, where most healthcare decisions are made after swiftly ruling out or diagnosing diseases, the situation is vastly different globally. Sub-par or nonexistent methods have led to countless preventable deaths. These experiences were the impetus for Craig’s decision to finance and develop technology that can process field samples on the spot and diagnose illnesses within minutes. 


Since the pandemic, Craig Mosman of Idaho has become more invested in the search for new methods of detecting, tracking, and treating diseases. He understands that point-of-care testing will be a vital part of our future. There is already a greater interest in prevention, early diagnosis, and chronic disease management. Infectious illness tests are going to be especially beneficial in rural or resource-restricted places when access to a hospital or lab is limited or in cases when the infrastructure for transporting samples is limited. Testing at the point of care may also result in faster treatment, preventing infections from spreading. Craig’s involvement with CRISPR technology was a natural next step. 


CRISPR, or Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, is a gene-editing tool that can be engineered to precisely cut DNA or RNA, and then delete, insert, or alter certain specific genes.  There is no other genetic modification tool like it. Seek Labs has teamed up with research scientists using CRISPR to develop a potential novel therapeutic that stops the growth of virus. 


Another area of Craig’s life where he pours his heart and soul is philanthropy and volunteering. Craig  has served on the Board of Directors of domestic violence organizations like the Dove Center in southern Utah, the Coeurd’Alene Women’s Center in Idaho, and was appointed to the Governor’s Council on Domestic Violence.  The Dove Center is a non-profit organization in Southern Utah that provides refuge, advocacy, and therapy to survivors of physical abuse, dating violence, assault, rape, sex trafficking, and stalking. Craig supports Dove Center’s work as the leading supplier of assistance to victims of domestic and sexual assault in the region. The organization annually provides assistance and housing to roughly 300 adults, children, and families. They also link over 700 women, men, and children to the help they need to heal, rehabilitate, and rebuild their lives after violence.


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